Simsala Grimm

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Simsala Grimm is an animated series that is a retelling on classic fairy tales. It premiered on ZDF in Germany. Produced by Magma Films and distributed by Greenlight Media.


Two toys abandoned in the attic go into a magical book that takes them to the land of fairy tales. The adventurers in this series are Yoyo (a coyote without a tail) and Doc Croc (a wise lizard). Together, the adventurers go on an adventure across tales from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and others.


In 2010, the series was revived in Adobe Flash. This animation is provided by Millimages. This version features other stories that are not published by the Brothers Grimm. Some stories (such as "Aladdin", "The Musicians of Bremen", and others).

Voice CastEdit

Only two voice actors are credited in the classic version. They are Nigel Greaves (voice of Yoyo) and Nigel Pegram (voice of Doc). In Adobe Flash, there are lots of additional voices. They are the voices for all episodic characters.

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